الأحد، 24 يونيو 2012


At times we do not know what touring in our souls, and what occupies our hearts even though we of have the reins of what we think at times but the times in some stages are deliberately stealing our attention not wake up until after the lapse of time and drowning in these things and feeling that can hardly believe her mind no sane person that made ​​us ..
In after times to get us the certainty that there are winds hit in my life I feel I did not change with it may have prepared him .. or I did not expect to come visit .. I do not want or add her to stay in my life .. sometimes I have a deep doubt about the concept of my character ... ^ ^ ... I know that some friends Christoukl now what type. but of the soul stops here and there, and I carry warrants loves his pen to write with him .. what caused deep inside himself,

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